A newcomer to the music industry, Tim Bender has a successful track record in consumer goods marketing. Tim helped create the LeapFrog Educational brand with global sales of $643M. LeapFrog was recognized by the advertising industry as the most effective consumer advertising campaign in the United States during 2004. LeapFrog was also recognized as one of the most valued U.S. brands by Fortune magazine.

Tim, currently holds a position as Vice President for Worldwide Consumer and Business Development at NVIDIA and previously held a major position as the SR. Vice President of PlayStation for Sony Entertainment Gaming Division. .Prior to Sony, Tim helped launch Livescribe’s Pulse Smartpen working with top USA retailers to find new properties to bolster their innovative offerings. These retailers include Target, Amazon and Wal-Mart. Livescribe is one of the fastest growing new brands in Electronics, according to Target and Amazon.

Prior to LeapFrog, Tim helped build LEGO into a top USA toy company. In addition he has worked with multiple start up companies to enter the mass market retail industry.
Tim's keen business guidance was extremally intricle in the recording of, "This World". 

Tim Bender - Jamie Clark Music President and Business Adviser, This World Album.