By John Capek, Two-Time Grammy Award Nominee, Composer and Producer


There are iconic singers who have best been described as having a big voice. From Roy Orbison to Elvis, from Pavarotti to Freddy Mercury, these are all voices of size, dimension and greatness that define our era of popular music. Jamie Clark has a huge voice that is every bit equal in size, dimension and greatness. Jamie has one hell of a big voice.

There are singers who are best described as having a romantic voice. The kind of voice that will tempt the untemptable, romance the unromantic and whisper to those unwilling to hear. Our greatest romantic singers are people like John Mayer, Josh Groban and Andrea Bocelli. Jamie Clark's voice can melt the hearts of hardened souls. Jamie speaks to the most vulnerable layer of romantic depths and kisses the jaded with his songs. Jamie sings about love lost and love renewed and love yet to be with passion and soul.

Frank Sinatra, Tony Bennett and Michael Bublé have been great interpreters of song lyrics, making the songs that they perform their own. The songs that Jamie Clark has chosen to record are soon to be classic songs crafted by the greatest songwriters of our time. Jamie has made them his own and has defined his path to greatness through these songs. Perhaps "Americana" is the best expression of Jamie's style, initially influenced by Roy, Elvis, Bruce Springsteen and Bob Dylan, but now defining a Jamie Clark style unique unto itself. 
Jamie Clark -- powerful, universal, passionate, inspiring. A voice we need to hear.