Over the last several months we have all been through a lot. Covid-19 has changed our lives forever. We can't hug or kiss our loved ones or friends the way we used to. We can't attend a funeral to say goodbye and give our condolences or a wedding to say congratulations. Our children are Zooming at home and parents are now teachers while working a full time job. We wear masks for the protection of others and for ourselves which I do willingly, hoping one day soon this virus will be gone.

Like many other singer songwriters and musicians or those in musical theater who make a living sharing their stories on stage, I cannot do "Live" shows at this time, unless it is a "Social Distancing" event, so it has been quite difficult for me and for my band, The Jamie Clark Band and many others who have had their income and hours cut back or lost their jobs all together.

The frustration of world events, the continued attacks of our brothers and sisters of color, the upcoming most important election of our lifetime, and love that came too quickly and left the same way, lead me to write my newest song, "Another Street", which I'm so happy to share with you. Hope you enjoy it as much as I do.

"Fight On, Kneel On, Love On, Right On!!!!" Jamie Clark

Executive Producer, Jamie Clark. Produced by Mark Jeffrey. All words and music by Jamie Clark. Copyright 2020. All rights reserved. Album cover and photo taken by Jamie Clark.

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